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|E take this opportunity of presenting 
to the American Housewife a col- 
lection of recipes which have to 
do with a class of food products but little 
known. The dietetic value of such fruits as 
dates, figs, currants, etc., is a high one and 
these fruits should appear on our tables at 
least once a day. 

The brands mentioned are all standard 
and some of them have been on the market 
for the last twenty-five years. The recipes 
are all based on the use of the best grades 
of the various products and these brands stand 
for the highest quality as well as for absolute 
cleanliness of pack. Any good fruit dealer or 
grocer can supply them. 

The recipes which we have published in 
this little book have been selected from a 
large number submitted in our prize contest 
held in 1910. They have been thoroughly tested 
and we hope will meet with the approval of 
all who have occasion to use them. 




Carefully wash enough pulled Camel Brand figs to suffice for the 
family, then allow them to simmer in water about five minutes ; drain off 
liquid and dispose figs about a shaped mound of steamed hominy. Pass 
plain cream with this appetizing dish. Dromedary dates may be substi- 
tuted for figs. 


2 ripe bananas. 

2 tablespoonfuls ground nuts. 

3 tablespoonfuls mashed strawberries. 
G Dromedary dates, chopped fine. 

1 egg, white, beaten stiff. 

Cream or milk for desired consistency. 

Mash the bananas thoroughly, add nuts, strawberries, dates and 
white of egg. Beat together thoroughly, and add milk or cream to 
obtain desired consistency. The mixture may be made sweeter by using 
more dates or more tart by the addition of more berries. 


14 cup sugar. 

2 tablespoonfuls of butter. 

1 large egg or two small ones. 

1 cup milk. 

A little salt, 

2 cups flour in which 

2 teaspoonfuls of baking powder has been sifted. 

1 cupful Dromedary, dates cut up rather fine. 

Cream the butter, add sugar, and eggs beaten separately; then the 
milk and flour alternately, the flour and baking powder having been 
sifted together; beat all thoroughly and lastly add the dates. Bake in 
a quick oven. 


1/2 cup brown sugar. 
y 2 cup butter. 

2 eggs. 

1 cup sour milk with one teaspoonful soda. 
iy 2 cups graham flour. 
y-2. Ib. Dromedary Golden dates, chopped. 

Flavor with nutmeg. 

Bake twenty to thirty minutes in moderate oven. 



1 pint cornmeal. 

1 teaspoonful salt. 

1 tablespoonful flour. 

1 pint cold milk. 

1 Ib. Chopped Dromedary Dates. 

Mix together all ingredients except dates, and stir gradually into 
one quart of boiling water. After boiling half an hour, add dates and 
cook five minutes. Serve hot with cream for breakfast, or pour into 
a dish and when cold, cut in slices and fry. It may also be poured into 
individual molds and served with sugar and cream for dessert. 


YZ Ib. Dromedary Dates, finely chopped. 
14 cup butter. 
1 egg well beaten. 
1 cup milk. 
1 pint flour. 

3 level teaspoonfuls baking powder. 

Cream butter, add egg and beat in the dates generally. Add alter- 
nately the milk and flour, to which the baking powder has been added. 
Beat thoroughly and bake 20 minutes in buttered gem pans. 



1 cupful of Royal Excelsior cleaned currants. 

3 cupfuls of water. 

7 tabl'espoonfuls of vinegar. 

3 tablespoonfuls of brown sugar. 

5 whole cloves. 

Put the currants, water and cloves on to boil. Cook until the 
currants are soft enough to mash with a spoon, then take from the 
fire, mash enough to break the skins, add the vinegar and sugar and 
cook until thick. Let the sauce cool and serve with cold meats. It will 
keep for some tune. 


12 ripe tomatoes. 

12 large apples. 

12 green peppers (bell peppers). 

6 large onions. 

1 Ib. Eoyal Excelsior cleaned currants. 

1 Ib. Camel Brand figs. 

1/2 cup sugar. 

1 tablespoonful salt. 

1/2 teaspoonful cayenne pepper (scant). 

2 teaspoonfuls ground ginger. 
1 quart vinegar. 

Peel tomatoes and onions; peel and core apples; place onions, 
apples, peppers and figs in a chopping bowl and chop fine (or run them 
through a food chopper) ; add currants, sugar, salt and spices, and boil 
one hour. 


When making pot roast with beef, add a cupful of currants. They 
will improve the appearance of the roast and impart a delicious flavor. 


1 pint red currant juice. 

2 pounds Eoyal Excelsior currants. 

3 pounds Royal Excelsior raisins seeded and chopped. 

4 pounds sugar. 

Juice and peel of four oranges. Boil till thick, stirring constantly. 


Prepare apples for stewing, and partially cook. Add 
Equal quantity of stoned Dromedary dates. 
Sugar to taste. 

Cook until dates are tender. Serve either hot or cold. 


Dates, olive oil, lemon juices, salt, spice. 

Take fresh dates or moist dried ones. Remove pits; press fruit 
through colander. Place in small mixing bowl or deep cup. Add olive 
oil, teaspoonful at a time and rub or stir till thoroughly blended. Oil 
to the amount of half or more of the bulk of fruit pulp may be added 
as desired. If too stiff, thin with water or lemon juice. The consistency 
may be varied according to use desired. Salt or spice may be added to 

Use in place of butter on toast; or as a sauce with pudding. Olive 
oil is more palatable and digestible in such emulsion than clear. 

Other fruit pulp may be treated in the same way. Stewed prunes, 
using no juice, are perhaps next best to dates. 


3 pounds pie plant, stripped of skin and cut in small pieces. 
2 pounds Camel Brand figs, chopped. 

4 pounds sugar. 
1 sliced lemon. 

Boil and skim thoroughly. When clear and thick put away in jars. 


Take equal parts Camel Brand figs. 

Dried apricots. 

Cook in enough water to cover until slightly tender. Add 
1/2 a s much sugar as fruit. 
1/2 as much water as sugar. 
Cook until the mixture is the consistency of jam. 
Nuts, chopped fine. 
Royal Excelsior rasins. 

May be added if desired. This is a delicious relish for meats or 
as a jam to be eaten with bread and butter. 



y 2 lb. Dromedary dates, chopped. 
y 2 lb. Camel Brand figs. 
1 cup Gilt Edge cocoamit. 
1 tablespoonful melted sweet chocolate. 
1 scant cup sugar. 
1 cup pecan meats. 

Pui the mixture into a double boiler, stir well. When simmered 
about ten minutes, remove from the fire, and when slightly cooled beat 
to a creamy consistency and spread upon "butter thins" or fresh rye 


Combine chopped dates with pecan nut meats or cottage cheese, and 
spread on slices of wheat bread, which has been spread with thick, sweet 
cream or soft butter. 


l l / 2 cups light brown sugar. 
% cup water. 

Scant teaspoonful butter. 

Boil until a thick syrup. Eemove from fire and add : 
y 2 lb. shredded Gilt Edge cocoanut. 
y 2 , lb- finely chopped Camel Brand figs. 
y 2 cup finely chopped English walnut meats. 

Stir until creamy, pour into buttered dish and when cool spread be- 
tween thin slices of entire wheat bread. 


1 cream cheese. 
y package of Dromedary dates. 

A few Royal Excelsior raisins. 

Run dates and raisins through food chopper and mix with cheese, 
then spread on thinly sliced bread, either graham or white. 


8 Camel Brand figs, chopped fine and cooked to a paste with 

water enough to merely cover. Add 
1 dozen blanched almonds, pounded fine. Season with 

A little lemon juice. 

When cold spread between lady-fingers or sweet wafers. 




6 Dromedary dates. 
3 Camel Brand figs. 

y 2 cup blanched almonds. 
1 scant cup cream cheese. 
1 teaspoonful lemon juice. 

Pinch of salt. 

Mix the ingredients to a paste and make into balls. Serve four to 
each person on a nest of lettuce leaves, with a mayonnaise to which an 
equal quantity of whipped cream has been added. 


Cottage cheese. 

Dromedary dates. 

Chopped pecans. 

Mayonnaise dressing. 



Maraschino cherries or pimentos. 

Eemove stones from dates and insert tiny balls of cheese mixed with 
pecans. Eoll dates in mayonnaise, then in chopped nuts. Serve on let- 
tuce, garnished with wedges of lemon and Maraschino cherries or pi- 


1/2 cup Camel Brand figs. 

1/2 cup Dromedary dates. 

1/2 cup pineapple. 

3 oranges. 
24 cup sugar. 

Mayonnaise dressing. 

Whipped cream. 

Cut the oranges in halves, remove pulp and put orange shells on 
ice to stiffen. Cut the fruits into small pieces, add sugar and toss to- 
gether, with mayonnaise dressing. Fill each orange shell with the mix- 
ture and heap whipped cream on top. Arrange in shallow salad bowl 
on a bed of lettuce leaves. This makes an attractive and delicious salad. 


1 head lettuce. 

1 Ib. Dromedary dates. 

4 large oranges. 
French dressing. 

Separate the dates, cover with boiling water and cook for two or 
three minutes. Drain, and when dried in the oven, cool, stone, and cut 
in halves lengthwise. Peel the oranges and cut out the sections of pulp. 
Wash and crisp the lettuce, arrange on a platter, pile the orange in the 
centre and surround with the dates. Add the French dressing and 



2 medium sized apples. 

1 Ib. Dromedary dates. 
l /2 Ib. Pecan nuts. 

Wash apples and without paring, cut into half-inch dice. Stone 
dates and cut in quarters. Mix together with nuts and the following 
dressing : 

2 eggs beaten. 

4 tablespoonfuls vinegar. 
1 tablespoonful butter. 

1 tablespoonful sugar. 
Salt and pepper to taste. 

2 tablespoonsfuls olive oil. 

Mix ingredients together, except oil, and cook, stirring constantly 
until thickened. Eemove from fire and when cool add oil. 


1 cup Camel Brand figs. 

1/2 cup Gilt Edge shredded cocoanut. 

y 2 Ib. Dromedary Golden dates. 
3 oranges. 
3 bananas. 

2 apples. 

1 bunch celery. 
!/2 pint cream. 
%' cup English walnuts. 

Chop all, except the dates, into pieces, not too fine. Mix all together 
carefully with mayonnaise. Heap in sherbet cups and put a spoonful 
of sweetened whipped cream on top and surmount with a date cut in 
four pieces. 



1/2 cup butter. 

2 cups sugar. 

1 cup milk. 

3 cups flour. 
Whites of six eggs. 

2 teaspoonful's of baking powder. 
Bake in three layers. 

2 cups sugar. 

Whites of 3 eggs well beaten. 
1 cup Gilt Edge cocoanut. 
1/2 cup Royal Excelsior seeded raisins, chopped. 
1/2 cup Dromedary dates, chopped. 
1/2 cup Camel Brand figs, chopped. 
1/2 cup Royal Excelsior currants. 
1 cup blanched almonds, chopped. 

For the filling, boil the sugar with enough water until it threads. 
Pour slowly into the egg whites, beating steadily all the time, then add 
the fruit to the icing gradually, stirring all the time. When well blended 
spread between the layers, and on the top and sides of the cake. On the 
top layer, sprinkle plenty of cocoanut. 


3 tablespoonfuls butter. 
1 cup sugar. 
1 egg. 

1 cup milk. 

2 cups sifted flour. 

3 teaspoonfuls baking powder. 

Cream the butter and sugar, add the beaten yolk of the egg; then 
the milk and flour alternately (the baking powder having been previously 
sifted with the flour) ; and last, the whipped white of the egg. Bake 
in three jelly tins in a quick oven. 

* ~ 


Gilt Edge shredded cocoanut. 

The juice of two oranges. 

The grated rind of one-quarter of one. 

Two tablespoonfuls of corn starch. 

Three tablespoonfus of sugar. 

To the orange juice and grated rind add enough water to make one 
and a half cupfuls of liquid. Bring to a boil, and stir in the corn starch 
made smooth in a small quantity of "cold water. Add the sugar and 
cook for ten minutes, or until done. Spread one-third of this mixture 
onto the first layer of cake; sprinkle with shredded cocoanut; repeat 
operation with the second and the third layers, and finish with a thick 
blanket of cocoanut on top of the cake. 



1 1/3 cups brown sugar. 
* 1/3 cup soft butter. 

2 eggs. 

1/2 cup milk. . 
1% cups flour. 

3 level teaspoonfuls baking powder. 
1/2 level teaspoonful cinnamon. 

1/2 level teaspoonful nutmeg. 

y 2 lb. chopped Dromedary Dates. 

Directions for making Date Cake. Cream butter and sugar, add the 
well-beaten eggs. Sift the baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg with 
the flour and add alternately with the milk. Beat all together for three 
minutes and add lastly the floured dates. Bake thirty-five to forty min- 
utes in a moderate oven. 


2 cups light brown sugar. 
% cup butter. 
1 cup water. 
314 cups of flour. 

4 eggs. 

1 teaspoonful cinnamon. 
1 teaspoonful nutmeg. 
1/2 teaspoonful baking powder. 
YZ lb. Camel Brand Figs cut in thin slices. 
1 cup Eoyal Excelsior cleaned currants. 
1 cup Eoyal Excelsior seeded raisins, chopped. 
Beat the butter and sugar to a cream, add the spices and well-beaten 
eggs. Add next the water, then three cups flour with which the baking 
powder has been sifted. Dredge the fruit with one-fourth cup flour and 
beat in thoroughly. Bake in two square, flat pans, in a moderate oven 
and cut in cubes for serving. 


1 lb. Eoyal Excelsior seeded raisins, chopped rather coarsely. 

1 lb. Eoyal Excelsior currants washed and drained. 

1 lb. Camel Brand figs chopped very fine. 

1 lb. Dromedary dates, stoned and chopped quite fine. 

1 lb. coffee sugar. 

1 lb. fat salt pork, chopped extra fine. 

1 teacupful molasses. 

Y$ lb. lemon and citron peel, mixed and chopped fine. 
1 teaspoonful cinnamon. 
1 teaspoonful cloves. 
1 teaspoonful allspice. 
1 teaspoonful nutmeg. 
1 small teaspoonful soda. 

1/2 cup sour milk. 

4 eggs. 

5 cups flour. 

Add one teaspoonful salt if pork is not salt enough. Bake in loaves, 
in a very slow oven three or four hours. This makes several' loaves, which 
will keep indefinitely, and improve with age. 



1/2 cup butter. 

1 cup sugar. 

14 (scant) cup milk. 

1 egg. 

1/2 cup Gilt Edge cocoanut. 

2 cups flour. 

1 teaspoonful baking powder. 

Cream butter and sugar. Add milk and egg, beaten light, and 
cocoanut. Add flour sifted, and baking powder. Roll thin and bake in a 
quick oven. 


Cream together: 
1 cup butter. 
11/2 cups sugar. 

3 yolks, beaten. 

1 teaspoonful soda in tablespoonf ul warm water. 
1/2 cup sweet milk. 

Add beaten whites. 
y^ Ib. Dromedary dates, cut up. 
Y-2. Ib. English walnuts, chopped. 
1 teaspoonful cinnamon. 
1 teaspoonful cloves. 
21/2 cups flour. 

Flavor with vanilla. 
Either drop or bake in patty pans. 


White bread dough. 

1 cup Dromedary dates. 

2 tablespoonfuls sugar. 
1 large spoonful butter. 

Pit the dates, cut in halves, add sugar and butter and work into the 
dough. Put in pan, let rise and bake in slow oven. It may be served hot 
or cold, and if any is left, makes excellent sandwiches, with a nut and fig 


1 cup sugar. 

1 cup milk (sweet). 

2 eggs. 

1/2 teaspoonful cinnamon. 

1 teaspoonful lard. 

1/2 cup Eoyal Excelsior currants. 

2 teaspoonfuls baking powder. 
Flour enough to roll. 

Mix the sugar, eggs and shortening, add the milk and cinnamon, 
lastly add the flour, and one-half cup of well-washed currants. Eoll this 
out ; cut as you do doughnuts ; fry in deep lard, which is hot enough to 
brown a piece of dry bread when dropped in. 



When baking bread allow one pound of dough for buns. Work in 
one tablespoonful of butter before rolling out one-quarter of an inch in 
thickness, spread with butter, a generous layer of sugar and dried cur- 
rants, then a sprinkling of cinnamon; begin at one end and roll; cut 
into slices an inch thick, place on buttered pan to rise double original 
bulk; bake; ice when removed from oven. 


1 Ib. Dromedary dates (after stoning). 
1 Ib. walnut meats (halves). 

1 cup of flour. 

y 2 teaspoonful salt. 

2 rounding teaspoonfuls baking powder. 
1 cup sugar. 

4 eggs, yolks and whites beaten separately. 

1 teaspoonful vanilla extract. 

Mix salt and baking powder with the flour, add to dates and wal- 
nuts, add sugar and mix thoroughly again, add yolks, then fold in the 
whites and add the vanilla. Pack into a loaf tin lined with buttered 
paper, and bake in a slow oven one hour. This cake, wrapped in paraffine 
paper, will keep indefinitely and improve with age. 


2 cups bread dough. 
1/2 cup sugar. 

1 egg. 

Butter size of egg. 

1 cup Eoyal Excelsior seeded raisins and Eoyal Excelsior 


2 teaspoonfuls cinnamon. 
1 teaspoonful cloves. 

Pinch of ginger. 

Little nutmeg. 

i/4 teaspoonful soda dissolved in water. 

Mix thoroughly, adding flour enough to make stiff cake batter. 
Bake in slow oven. 


1/2 cup butter. 
11/2 cups brown sugar. 

3 eggs. 

2y 2 cups flour. 

1 level teaspoonful soda dissolved in i/ 2 cup of hot water. 

1 teaspoonful cinnamon. 

1/2 teaspoonful cloves. 
1 Ib. English walnuts (weighed in the shell) and broken 

into small pieces. 

1 Ib. Dromedary dates, chopped fine. 
Drop from a teaspoon and bake in a hot oven. 



2 Ibs. flour. 
t/4 Ib. butter. 
1 Ib. sugar. 
1 Ib. Royal Excelsior raisins, seeded and chopped. 

1 Ib. Eoyal Excelsior cleaned currants. 

2 cups molasses. 

y 2l cup sour milk or cream. 
6 eggs. 

2 tablespoonfuls ginger. 

1 heaping teaspoonfuls soda, dissolved in hot water. 
1 teaspoonful cinnamon. 
il teaspoonful cloves. 

y% cup shredded citron. 

Cream butter and sugar, warm molasses slightly and beat these to- 
gether. Then add beaten yolks : meat, milk and spices, the soda : lastly 
flour and well-beaten egg-whites. Beat hard and add the thickly dredged 
fruit. Bake in two broad, well-lined pans in a very moderate oven. This 
cake will keep a long time. 


Dromedary dates. 
4 cups rolled oats. 
4 cups (sifted) flour. 
1 cup sugar. 

1 cup lard. 
Little salt. 

2 teaspoonfuls baking powder. 

Eub ingredients together thoroughly, omitting dates. Moisten with 
one-half cup warm water. Eoll into thin cookies; spread with stoned 
dates previously mashed to a pulp; fold over the cookies and bake in 
moderate oven. 


1 Ib. Dromedary dates, chopped fine. 
1 Ib. blanched almonds, chopped fine. 

Whites of four eggs beaten to a stiff froth. 
1 cup granulated sugar. 

Beat the sugar into the whites gradually, add the dates and almondc 
and bake the mixture on buttered paper in a moderate oven. 




1 cup Dromedary dates, chopped very fine. 
Grated rind and juice of one lemon. 

1 cup sugar. 

1 heaping teaspoonful flour. 

1 tablespoonful orange juice. 

Beat until the sugar is dissolved. Roll rich pie crust thin, cut in 
four inch squares, put a tablespoonful of the mixture on one half, turn 
the other half over, press the edges tight and bake in a moderate oven 
These may be varied by using one cup chopped Royal Excelsior seeded 
raisins and one-half cup Royal Excelsior currants in place of the dates. 


YZ pint cottage cheese. 

1 pint sweet milk or cream. 

4 eggs. 

4 tablespoonfuls sugar. 

1 cup Gilt Edge shredded cocoanut. 
The grated rind of a small lemon. 

Beat the yolks of the eggs and the sugar together until the eggs 
are light, then add the cottage cheese, beat well, and stir in the cocoanut. 
When well mixed, add the milk, or cream, by degrees, and lastly add the 
lemon rind. This mixture should be put together very lightly. Line 
pie tins with a rich pastry crust rolled thin; fill them with the custard 
and bake in a quick oven for twenty minutes. Beat the whites of thf 
eggs very stiff and dry, then beat in two tablespoonfuls of sugar and 
one tablespoonful of lemon juice. Spread this meringue over the pie? 
when they are baked, and brown a delicate brown in a moderate oven. 
These pies will be found delicious. Serve very cold. 


1 cup squash, made very fine. 
!/2 cup sugar. 

2 eggs. 

1/2 teaspoonful salt. 
1 cup milk. 

y 2 cup cream. 

1 cup sliced Dromedary dates. 

If no cream, stir in lump of butter in squash while warm. Made 
by this rule it is a dessert to make one truly thankful. 


Cut the rhubarb into small pieces und let stand in boiling watei 
for ten or fifteen minutes while making the pie crust. Line pie pan with 
the pie paste and fill with the rhubarb, placing over the top of rhubarb 
one cupful sugar and one cupful finely chopped Dromedary Dates. Bake 
with or without an upper crust. If without, spread whipped cream orer 
top before sending to table. Eat hot or cold. 



Yolks 4 eggs, beaten very thick and light. 

1 teaspoonful lemon extract. 

4 tablespoonfuls sugar. 

1 pint rich sweet milk (if in doubt add pinch of soda). 

1 cupful Gilt Edge cocoanut. 

Add extract and sugar to eggs and beat well again. Add milk slow- 
ly, then cocoanut. Line a deep pie tin with a rich crust ; pour in cocoa- 
nut mixture and bake in slow oven twenty-five minutes or until pie 
sets. Beat very stiff the four whites with four scant tablespoonfuls of 
confectioner's sugar, and one teaspoonful of lemon juice. When pie is 
done take from oven and let stand about five minutes, lower the oven 
heat, spread the beaten whites nicely over top of pie. Eeturn to oven 
until a light brown. Take from oven carefully and leave in kitchen until 
cool, then put where it will become cold. 


1 cup milk. 

1 heaping tablespoonful cornstarch. 

2 eggs. 

1 lemon. 

y 2 cup Gilt Edge cocoanut. 
1 cup sugar. 

Heat the milk in double boiler; add cornstarch, which has been 
dissolved in a little cold water; stir until smooth; then add the beaten 
yolks in which has been beaten the cup of sugar and the juice and rind 
of one lemon; lastly add the cocoanut. Cook for five minutes, and pour 
into a well baked pie crust. Place the whites of the eggs, which have 
been well beaten, together with two tablespoonfuls of sugar, on top of 
the filling, and brown in an oven. 


2 Ibs. Lean beef boiled very tender and chopped. 
y 2 Ib. Suet. 
iy 2 Ibs. Royal Excelsior raisins (seeded and cut in half). 

2 Ibs. Royal Excelsior Cleaned Currants. 
YZ Ib. Citron, shredded. 

y% peck apples. 
i/2 teaspoonful mace. 
1/2 teaspoonful allspice. 
1/2 teaspoonful cinnamon. 
y 2 teaspoonful cloves. 

Pepper and salt as much as would be served with the meat. 
y 2 pint molasses. 
y 2 Ib. light brown sugar. 

3 pints cider, or one and one-half pints of cider. 
1 pint brandy. 

This is a Xew England recipe ; will keep all winter and will make 
fifteen large pies. 




1 cupful molasses. 

1 cupful chopped suet. 

1 cupful sweet milk. 

2 eggs. 

31/2 cupfuls flour. 

1 teaspoonful soda. 

1 teaspoonful cinnamon. 
1/2 teaspoonful nutmeg. 

1 pint Camel Brand figs chopped fine. 

Mix molasses, suet, spices and figs; dissolve soda in tablespoon hot 
water and mix with milk, add to mixture, then the well beaten egg, then 
flour. Turn into mold and steam five hours. Serve with Foamy Sauce 
made as follows: Cream one-half cupful butter and one cupful pow- 
dered sugar, add one teaspoonful vanilla, two tablespoonfuls of sherry. 
Just before serving stir in one-fourth cup boiling water, and the whipped 
white of an egg. Beat till foamy. 


1 cupful Dromedary Golden dates pitted. 

1 cupful quartered walnuts. 

1 cupful sugar and a pinch of salt. 

2 eggs. 

1 teaspoonful baking powder. 
1 tablespoonful flour. 

Stir eggs, sugar and salt (do not beat eggs separately), add flour 
and baking powder, then dates and nuts. Mix well and bake for three- 
quarters of an hour in a very slow oven. Serve with cream, or vanilla 


6 tablespoonfuls cornstarch. 

2 cups milk. 
1/2 cup sugar. 

14 teaspoonful salt. 
1 teaspoonful butter. 
1 egg (yolk). 

3 eggs (whites, beaten stiff). 

1^4 cups shredded Gilt Edge cocoanut. 
1 teasponful vanilla. 

Dissolve cornstarch in 4 tablespoonfuls cold water. Add to the milk 
already scalded in double boiler, and when thick add sugar, salt and 
egg yolk in which butter has been beaten. Fold in whites and cocoanut 
with vanilla. Eemove from boiler and set in mold to become firm. 
Serve cold with vanilla custard sauce. 



1 pint of milk. 
1/2 cup sugar. 

Yolks of 2 eggs. 

2 tablespoonfuls of shredded Gilt Edge cocoanut. 
MJ CU P bread crumbs. 

1 teaspoonful of lemon extract. 

Bake about a half hour. Make frosting of the whites of the eggs 
and one-quarter cup of sugar, and brown slightly in oven. 


1 pint milk. 
% cup cornmeal. 
!/4 cup flour. 
14 cup sugar. 
i/4 teaspoonful salt. 

1 cup shredded Gilt Edge cocoanut. 
4 eggs. 

Bring milk to a boil in double boiler, add cornmeal and flour to- 
gether, very slowly. Cook until thick and smooth. Eemove from fire 
and add sugar, salt, cocoanut and beaten yolks, mixing thoroughly. Fold 
in stiffly beaten whites, turn into buttered dish, placed in pan of hot 
water, and bake in rather quick oven half an hour. Serve immediately. 


3 tablespoonfuls granulated tapioca. 

2 cups water. 

1 teasponful butter. 
Cook until clear. 

YZ lb. Camel Brand figs, chopped fine. 
1 cup water. 
1 cup sugar. 

Cook until smooth and thick. Mix the two together, adding 
y 2 teaspoonful vanilla. 

Serve cold in sherbet glasses with whipped cream on top. 


3 eggs, weighed. Take equal weight of 


Bread crumbs. 

Camerfigs chopped and cooked to pulp in a little hot water. 
Mix together butter, sugar, yolks of eggs, figs, crumbs, lastly 
whites of eggs whipped to a froth. Turn into covered quart mold and 
steam for two and a half hours; or put into individual timbale molds, 
set in pan of water, cover with greased paper and put in oven for thirty 
minutes, or until firm to the touch. At the moment of serving, pour 
over them a little rum or brandy and light with a taper. Serve with 
wine sauce or any other pudding ^n 



cups graham flour. 
1/2 cup molasses. 
1/2 CU P melted butter. 
1 cup sweet milk. 
-I egg. 

1 teaspoonful soda. 
1 teaspoonful cinnamon. 
14 teaspoonful nutmeg. 
1/2 cup chopped Eoyal Excelsior raisins. 
1/2 cup chopped Dromedary dates. 
14 cup Royal Excelsior currants. 


1 cup sugar. 
1/2 cup butter. 
1/2 teaspoonful cinnamon. 

White of one egg well beaten. 
Beat all together until creamy. 


1 quart milk. 

3 heaping tablespoonfuls cornmeal. 
1 tablespoonful cornstarch. 

4 eggs. 

1/2 cup sugar. 
1/2 teaspoonful salt. 
1/2 teaspoonful cinnamon. 
1 tablespoonful butter. 
1 cup chopped Camel Brand figs. 

Soak figs ten minutes in warm water before chopping; boil the milk 
and stir in it the meal and cornstarch previously mixed with a little 
cold milk; cook ten minutes. Beat eggs, reserving the whites of two, 
with the sugar, salt and cinnamon; stir into milk; add butter and figs 
dusted with flour. Beat the whites of two eggs with two tablespoon- 
fuls of sugar and two of cream; stir lightly into mixture and bake 
slowly one hour. 

Serve with creamy sauce. 


1 pint milk, scalded. Add slowly. 
1/2 cup cornmeal. 
1 tablespoonful butter. 
11/2 cups sugar. 

% cup Dromedary dates cut in small pieces. 
1/2 teaspoonful cinnamon. 
Take 2 eggs well beaten and add to 

1 pint cold milk. 

Stir all together. Bake until' a custard and serve hot with hard 
sauce or cold with whipped cream. 



2 quarts boiling water. 
1 tablespoonful salt. 
1 cup rice (washed). 

y 2 Ib. Dromedary dates (washed and stoned). 
1 tablespoonful sugar. 
y 2 < cup water. 
Cook until soft. 

Add rice slowly to boiling water, cook until soft, drain and dry off 
in warming oven, covered closely. Make a border around a dish with 
the boiled rice lightly heaped up. Fill center with the cooked dates and 
serve with cream. 


y% cup chopped Camel Brand figs. 
y% cup chopped Dromedary dates. 

' % CU P Royal Excelsior raisins or Eoyal Excelsior currants. 
Mix two cupfuls flour and one and a half tablespoonfuls butter 
thoroughly and add enough water to roll out nicely. Cut out like large 
biscuits and take a portion of the fruit mixture and roll up and bake as 
apple dumplings. Serve with lemon or vanilla sauce. 


6 dutchess pears or any good baking pear. 
24 Ib. Dromedary Golden dates, chopped fine. 
l /4 Ib. Walnuts, chopped fine. 
y 2 cup sugar. 

Core the pears, and fill with the dates and nuts. Place in a pan 
with a little water and pour over the sugar. Bake as you would apples. 


1 Ib. Dromedary Golden dates. 
4 eggs (whites). 

1/2 cup sugar. 

Seed and crush dates to a paste. Beat the whites of eggs very stiff, 
add the sugar, gradually beating all the time, then stir in the crushed 
dates. Put in earthen dish and bake twenty minutes. Served with sweet- 
ened whipped cream flavored with vanilla. 


1/4 cup butter. 
y 2 cup sugar. 

2 tablespoonfuls milk. 
2 tablespoonfuls wine. 

Cream the butter and sugar. Add milk and wine very slowly to 
the first mixture to prevent separating. Keep in a warm place until 



1 quart milk. 

2 heaping tablespoonfuls crushed tapioca. 
A little salt. 

Boil together in double boiler fifteen minutes, stirring the ingredi- 
ents frequently. 
Beat together: 

yolks of two eggs. 
y 2 cup sugar. 

Add to tapioca and cook until it thickens. Let cool and add the 
beaten whites of two eggs, whipping it until no white is to be seen. Add 
one-half pound of Dromedary Golden dates. Pour into dish and serve 
cold with whipped cream. 


11/3 cups flour. 
11/2 teaspoonfuls baking powder. 
1/4 teaspoonful salt. 
2/3 cup milk. 
1 egg. 

1 cup Dromedary Golden dates. 

Sift together thoroughly the flour, baking powder and salt. Add 
the milk and egg and the dates that have been pitted and halved. Drop 
by spoonfuls into deep fat, hot enough to brown a piece of bread while 
counting sixty. When cooked, drain on brown paper, sprinkle with pow- 
dered sugar and serve at once, or can be served with 


114 cups flour. 
1/2 teaspoonful salt. 

2 teaspoonfuls baking powder. 

2 tablespoonfuls butter. 
1 egg. 

1*4 cups milk. 
% cup chopped Camel Brand figs. 

Sift flour, salt and baking powder; rub in the butter, then add the 
figs, mixing them well into the dry flour. Mix to a stiff batter with the 
beaten egg and milk. Bake in small greased pans in a moderately hot. 
oven. Serve hot with a sauce. 


3 eggs. 

1 cup granulated sugar. 

1 cup bread crumbs. 

1 cup Dromedary dates, chopped. 

1/2 cup nuts chopped. 
1 teaspoonful vanilla. 

Beat the whites of eggs very stiff, add the beaten yolks and other- 
ingredients. Bake slowly in a moderate oven for twenty-five minutes . 
Serve with whipped cream. 



y* lb. Rice. 
1 teacupful sugar. 
^ teaspoonful butter. 
Juice of one lemon. 
1 quart milk. 

Yolks two eggs. 
1 pinch salt. 

Camel Brand figs. 

Soak the rice in cold water for three hours, then drain and put into 
a double boiler with the milk and salt, and cook until the rice is done. 
Stir in the sugar, eggs, and the butter, and mix all together thoroughly. 
Flavor with lemon juice. Have ready Camel Brand figs that have been 
plumped over hot water. Dust each fig with a little sugar and cinna- 
mon. When the rice is cold enough to handle, form it into croquettes, 
putting a fig in each. Dip the croquettes in beaten egg, and then in 
bread crumbs and fry in boiling fat. When brown, take out, drain on 
paper, and serve hot with powdered sugar or a liquid sauce. 


Take as many finely flavored apples as desired. Pare, core and steam 
until tender. 

1 teaspoonful lemon juice poured over each apple. Powder thickly 
with sugar and set away to get chilled. 

Make 1 pint boiled custard, flavoring with lemon juice. Add 
1 tablespoonful gelatine, dissolved in 
1/2 cupful boiling water, to the hot custard. 

Take as many small sponge cakes or maccaroons as apples, dip in 
lemon juice and arrange in with apples on top. Fill the apples with 
Gilt Edge Shredded cocoanut. 
Chopped Dromedary dates. 

As the custard thickens pour it over apples. Whip whites of eggs 
used for custard stiff and dry, sweeten, flavor with lemon, set them in 
cool oven without browning. Slip the meringue over the custard when 
it is firm and set the dish away to get icy cold. 


1 cup Royal Excelsior cleaned currants. 

y% cup citron (sliced). 

^2 CU P Dromedary Golden dates (stoned). 

1 cup Royal Excelsior raisins. 

2 cups rice. 

1 quart rich milk. 
1 cup sugar. 
1 tablespoonful butter. 
1 tablespoonful vanilla. 

Wash rice and place in an earthen baking dish. Add milk, sugar, 
butter, fruits and vanilla. Bake in slow oven three hours. Serve with 
sweetened whipped cream. 



1 dozen Dromedary dates cut up. 
1/2 cup milk. 
Stand for ^ hour on stove where they will get warm, not hot. Heat 

1/2 cup milk with 
1 tablespoonful sugar. 

1/2 junket tablet in 
1 tablespoonful cold water. 

When milk is all lukewarm, mix together quickly, pour at once into 
a glass dish and leave in a warm room to set. When firm, put in a cool 
place until wanted. 


30 Camel Brand figs, soaked until soft and chopped. 
8 eggs (whites), well beaten. 

Stir figs into eggs. Add 
1/2 cup sugar. 

Bake in hot oven 20 minutes. Serve with whipped cream and 
ground nuts on top. 


1 cup flour. 

1 teaspoonful baking powder. 

Pinch salt. 

Sift together. Add 

1 tablespoonful melted butter. 
14 cup water. 

Beat well. When mixture is smooth add 
1/2 cup water. 

Just before using fold in well-beaten white of one egg. 
Dip figs one by one into batter and fry in hot fat until brown. 
Drain well and sprinkle with powdered sugar. 


1 Ib. stoned Dromedary dates, chopped. 

6 oz. beef suet, chopped. 

12 oz. grated bread crumbs. 

6 oz. sugar. 

1 egg. 

1/2 cup milk. 

2 tablespoonfuls (heaping) flour. 

2 teaspoonfuls (small) baking powder. 

Mix suet and bread crumbs, add dates and sugar, then egg, milk and 
flour, to which baking powder has been added. Steam for three hours, 
and serve with sauce. 



As many figs as desired. 
1 pt. milk. 

Yolks of 3 eggs, beaten light. 

White of 1 egg, whipped. 
4 tablespoonfuls sugar. 

Pinch of salt. 

1 cup rich cream. 

2 tablespoonfuls sugar (level). 

2 tablespoonfuls Gilt Edge shredded cocoanut (heaping). 

Steam figs until plump. Make custard of milk heated in double 
boiler, egg yolks, sugar, salt. Cut figs in halves and pour custard over 
them. When cold, spread over the whole the whipped egg white into 
which has been whipped the cream, sugar and cocoanut. Put near the 
ice to chill, and serve very cold. 


1/2 cup minute tapioca. 
3 cups hot water. 

Cooked in double boiler till clear. 
1 Ib. Dromedary dates, minced. 
3 oranges, pluped. 
1 lemon, juice and grated rind. 
1 cup sugar. 

Mixed together. 

Put layer of tapioca in well-buttered baking dish, then the frujl 
mixture; lastly cover with the remaining tapioca and bake half an houi 
Cover with meringue and brown delicately. Serve perfectly cold with 


Vz CU P tapioca soaked over night in 1 pt. water. 
1}4 pts. milk. 

iy 2 cups Dromedary dates cut in small pieces. 
14 teaspoonful salt. 

Cook until clear. 
Yolks 2 eggs. 
% cup sugar. 
2 tablespoonfuls milk. 

Beat, add to tapioca and cook two minutes. 
Remove from fire and stir in 
Stiffly beaten whites 2 eggs. 
Vanilla to flavor. 

Serve cold with whipped cream or sweetened cream. 



1 Ib. Camel Brand figs. 

1 thick slice of lemon. 

Whipped cream kirsch flavoring. 

Simmer figs covered with water for an hour. Remove figs, press into 
natural shape and pile in glass dish. Take water in which they were 
cooked, adding sugar to sweeten, and lemon, and boil until it is a good 
syrup. Then pour it over the figs. Serve cold with whipped cream 
flavored with kirsch. To the fig water may be added sugar cup for cup, 
and boiled to the crack, and then poured over the figs, giving them a 
sugar coating. 


5 oranges. 

1 cup shredded Gilt Edge cocoanut, moistened with cream. 
1 cup cream, whipped. 
A few nuts, ground. 

1 dozen, more or less, of candied cherries. 

Peel oranges, removing all tough skin; cut through twice and slice 
thin. Fill glass dish with alternate layers of orange and cocoanut, fin- 
ishing with orange. Cover with whipped cream, sprinkle with ground 
nuts and decorate with candied cherries. 




1 pint cherry juice (canned will do). 
1 teacupful' hot water. 

Juice of one-half lemon. 

1 cup sugar. 

2 level tablespoonfuls gelatine. 
y 2 teacupful cold water. 

1 heaping teacupful Dromedary Golden dates, stoned. 
Put first four ingredients over the fire in saucepan. When boiling 
add the gelatine which has been dissolved in the cold water. Take 
from the fire and set saucepan in a pan of cold water. When slightly 
thickened, wet a mold and put the gelatine mixture in alternate layers 
with the Dromedary Golden dates. Set on ice to chill. Turn out on 
flat dish at serving time and add, if desired, a border of whipped cream. 
The combination of the flavors of cherries and dates is novel and 


1 package gelatine. 

2 large cups sugar. 

1 cup shredded pineapple. 

2 lemons. 
4 oranges. 

y% lb- Camel Brand figs. 

i/2, lb. walnuts. 

1/2 cup preserved ginger. 

Grapes and bananas can also be used. 
For making: 

Cover contents of one package of gelatine with one cup of cold 
water. Let stand till soft. Add one quart of boiling water; two large 
cups of sugar. Strain and let stand until it begins to thicken. Then 
stir in the pineapple, juice of the two lemons, the four oranges cut 
into small pieces, the one-half pound of figs and one-half pound of 
walnuts, which have been chopped fine and then add the one-half cup 
of preserved ginger. Grapes and bananas may also be added. 
The recipe is enough for ten or twelve people. 


1 cup citron (cut fine). 

1 box gelatine. 

3 lemons. 
3 oranges. 

1 pint cold water, 
pints hot water, 
cups sugar. 
6 eggs (whites). 

Cover gelatine with cold water. Let it stand until dissolved; add 
boiling water, sugar and fruit juices. Strain and as soon as it begins 
to congeal beat the whites in well with the citron. Serve with custard 



2 doz. Camel Brand figs, soaked in warm water till plump 
and soft. 

1/3 cupful candied pineapple. 
1/3 cupful pecan nutmeats. 
1/3 cupful Maraschino cherries. 

Chopped fine and soaked three hours in one-half cupful of liquor 
from cherries. 

1 pint thick cream. 
1 pint vanilla ice cream. 
y 2 , cupful powdered sugar. 
y 2 teaspoonful vanilla extract. 

Few drops orange coloring paste. 

Pack a two-quart melon mold in ice and salt, line it with the 
vanilla ice cream, reserving enough to cover bottom of mold. Remove 
part of seeds from figs and stuff with the fruits. Shape neatly and 
lay on vanilla cream. Whip double cream to stiff froth, drain, add 
vanilla and coloring and mix carefully. Turn in center of mold, 
filling every space. Cover the ice cream over bottom, put on lid, bind 
with strip of buttered muslin, cover with salt and ice (three parts ice 
to one part coarse salt) and stand aside for at least three hours. When 
ready to serve remove to dish and sprinkle with grated cocoanut. 


1 quart cream. 
iy% tablespoonfuls gelatine. 
3 eggs. 
1 cup sugar. 

1/1 Ib. English walnut meats. 
1/4 Ib. Camel Brand figs. 
1 tablespoonful vanilla. 

Soak gelatine in a quarter of a cup of cold water. Beat eggs 
and sugar until very light, pour on the cream scalding hot. turn into 
double boiler and cook until it begins to thicken. Chop figs and nuts 
very fine and add with gelatine to custard. Cool, add flavoring, turn 
into ice-cream freezer and freeze. After it is frozen, pack and let 
ripen for a couple of hours. Milk may be used instead of cream, but 
it is not so rich. 


1 Ib. Dromedary dates, stoned. 

English walnut meats, chopped very fine, enough to fill 

date cavities. 

1 pint strawberry gelatine jelly. 
1 pint orange gelatine jelly. 

Pour half the strawberry mixture in a mold, and when it begins 
to harden, cover with layer of dates and half the orange mixture. When 
this hardens, repeat the process until all the ingredients are used. Keep 
on ice until perfectly firm. Serve with whipped cream. 



G Camel Brand figs. 
1/2 cup sugar. 
1/2 cup water. 

1 egg white, stiffly beaten. 
Few drops almond extract. 

1/2 pint cream, whipped stiff. 

Cut up figs in small pieces, add sugar and water and cook slowly 
until thick enough to pour over the egg white; Stir well; add extract 
and set aside to cool. When cold add to whipped cream stirring as 
little as possible to blend; pack in a quart ice cream mold, which it 
will fill full; pack away to freeze for three hours. Eemove from mold 
and serve like ice cream. 


1 tablespoonful gelatine. 
14 cup cold water. 
14 cup scalded milk. 
i/ 2 cup sugar. 

Whites of 2 eggs, beaten stiff. 
1/2 pint heavy cream. 
1/3 cup milk. 
Beaten stiff. 

1/3 cup Dromedary dates, chopped. 
1/3 cup Camel figs, chopped. 
1 tablespoonful lemon juice. 

Soak gelatine in cold water, dissolve in milk, add sugar. Strain 
into pan set in a larger pan of ice water and stir until it begins to 
thicken. Add eggs, whipped cream and fruits. Turn into a mold and 
chill thoroughly. 



1/2 lb. Dromedary dates, 
1/2, lb. Camel Brand figs. . 
with water enough to cover and stew until tender. Drain and pour over 

1 wineglassful of orange juice. 
Let fruit get very cold. Line a charlotte mold with 

Jady fingers 
and put in the chilled fruit. Whip 

1/2* pint cream. 
Sugar to taste. Soak 

1 tablespoonful gelatine, in 

2 tablespoonfuls cold water. 

Stand over hot water until it dissolves. Add 

2 tablespoonfuls milk. 

Add immediately to whipped cream, stir carefully, chill and put 
on top of fruit. Sprinkle over with 

Toasted and crushed shredded cocoanut. 
Set away to chill before serving. 



3/2 box gelatine, soaked 2 hours in 
1 cup cold water. 
1/2 cup finely ground coffee in 
1 pint boiling milk for 5 minutes. 
Strain the milk through a cloth and place in double boiler. Add 

yolks of 4 eggs, beaten with 
1 cup sugar. 

Stir until creamy but not thick. Add gelatine, stirring until it is 
dissolved. Add 

6 Camel Brand figs, cut in small pieces. 
When this is cold and begins to stiffen, stir it briskly into 

1 cupful cream, whipped 
and turn into wet mold. Serve cold without sauce. 



2 cups granulated sugar. 

3 tablespoonfuls Gilt Edge cocoanut. 
iy 2 square chocolate shaved fine. 

butter size of an egg. 

1 cup milk. 

Boil ingredients except cocoanut until it forms a ball when dropped 
in cold water. Remove from fire, beat for a few minutes, then add Gilt 
Edge cocoanut. Continue beating until cool. Spread on buttered plates, 
then cut in squares. 


2 cups granulated sugar. 
% Ib. Dromedary Dates. 

2 squares Baker's chocolate. 
y 2 cup milk. 

1 teaspoonful vanilla. 

Butter size of an English walnut. 

Boil four minutes, remove from fire; add vanilla and Dromedary 
dates that have been cut in small pieces. Stir until creamy; put in but- 
tered pan to cool. 


2 egg yolks beaten until lemon-colored. 

1 cup sugar. 

14 cup melted butter. 

2 squares melted chocolate. 
1/2 cup flour. 

Lastly fold in the beaten whites of two eggs and pour into a shallow 
square tin over which has been spread one-half cup citron cut in small 
pieces. Bake in a very slow oven thirty minutes, and cut in squares 
when cool. 


2 teapoonfuls butter. 
iy 2 cups sugar. 

y 2 . cup milk. 
1 cupful Gilt Edge shredded cocoanut. 

y 2 teaspoonful vanilla. 

Boil first three ingredients twenty minutes, stirring only until the 
sugar is dissolved. Eemove from the stove, add one cupful of shredded 
cocoanut and one-half teaspoonful of vanilla ; then beat until creamy and 
pour into buttered tins. (This is unusually nice, and poured over choco- 
late fudge the combination is exceedingly delicious.) 



Take equal portions of nut meats, Camel Brand figs and Dromedary 
dates, and pass through the meat grinder. Mix together thoroughly and 
place in a square shallow baking tin and pack down tight and even, using 
a rolling pin or the blade of a broad knife. When packed the layer 
should be about three-quarters of an inch thick. Cut in squares and wrap 
in oiled paper. 


Melt one pound white sugar in granite saucepan, have one-half 
pound of figs chopped fine, stir them in the melted sugar and pour in pan 
one inch thick. Cut in strips and serve. 


Stone as many Dromedary dates as desired, stuff with broken Eng- 
lish walnut meats, pecan halves, bits of candied ginger, candied pineapple, 
roasted almonds and fondant flavored with juice of lemon. Eoll each 
one in granulated or powdered sugar. Pack in layers, in a tin box, cov- 
ering each layer with paraffin paper. These will keep indefinitely and 
are nourishing. 


Take a pound each of Dromedary dates, Camel Brand, figs and 
English walnuts. Wash figs, stone dates and grind through meat grinder 
.to a fine pulp, then add the nuts, chopped almost to a powder, and mix 
all thoroughly together. Mold the paste into balls, the size of golf balls, 
and roll in powdered sugar. To mark them in squares, like a golf ball, 
use a sharp pointed knife, or roll with butter pats. This confection 
is extremely beneficial as well as a delicious candy. Especially pleasing 
as a "dainty" at afternoon teas. 


3 cups white sugar. 

1/2 cup maple sugar. 

2/3 cup water. 

1 teasponful vanilla or pineapple. 

2 stiffly beaten egg whites. 
1.1/2 cups shredded cocoanut. 

Boil together the first three ingredients until a soft ball forms when 
tested in cold water. Add flavoring and pour on to the beaten whites, 
beating constantly until slightly cool. Then pour the mixture into a 
buttered pan on which the cocoanut has been spread. When almost cold, 
cut into squares. 




Confectioner's sugar. 

Finely chopped Dromedary Dates. 

Cream together butter and sugar as for hard sauce. Add dates. 
The mass may be mounded upon a dish, or made into small confections 
and rolled in granulated sugar. The latter is preferable if a confection 
is desired, but since this is a delicious sauce as an accompaniment to a 
Christmas pudding, the simple loaf is most easily handled. When used 
as a confection, a variation may be reached by rolling some of the bits 
in Gilt Edge shredded cocoanut instead of in granulated sugar. 


}4 cup granulated sugar. 
y^ cup milk. 

Place in saucepan and boil rapidly without stirring. Keep sides of 
pan free from granules. When a soft ball forms in cold water, pour 
cream on a shallow platter. Beat with a wooden fork until stiff. Then 
stir in % cup of shaved walnut or pecan meats and mold quickly with 
hands into a sheet, one-quarter inch thick. While cooling, stone a 
dozen Dromedary dates. Cut from the fondant with a sharp knife a 
piece as long as a date and one-quarter inch wide. Press into the date 
and press date naturally around its imitation stone. Serve soon. 




1/2 cup bread crumbs. 
1/2 cup cold cooked ham, chopped fine. 
1/2 cup Camel Brand figs run through meat chopper. 
Mix all together and add one pinch salt, a tiny bit of paprika and 
a lump of butter size of walnut. Soften all with sweet milk or stock 
stuff into sweet green peppers from which seeds have been removed. 
Cover with buttered crumbs. Bake until tender. 


Cut one pound of Camel Brand figs into small bits and put them 
into a wide mouthed jar containing one pint of Holland gin. Take one 
teaspoonful occasionally. 


1 quart elder blossoms. 
9 pounds sugar. 

1 yeast cake. 

3 gallons water. 

2 pounds Eoyal Excelsior seeded raisins. 
1 pound Camel Brand figs. 

1 pound Dromedary dates. 
1/2 cup lemon juice. 

Put sugar and water over fire to dissolve sugar, let come to boil 
without stirring. Boil for five minutes, skim and add blossoms picked 
carefully from stems and packed full in quart measure. Stir well, take 
from fire and cool. When luke warm add the yeast dissolved in warm 
water and the lemon juice. Put in earthen jar and let stand for six days 
stirring the blossoms from bottom of jar several times daily. On 
seventh day strain through a cloth and add raisins, dates and figs. Cover 
tightly and bottle in January. Looks and tastes like champagne. 


1/2 pound prunes. 
1/2 pound Camel Brand figs. 
1/2 pint molasses. 
1/4 pound pulverized senna. 

Warm the molasses, stir in the senna, then add the prunes and 
Camel brand figs; mix thoroughly. 

Dose A piece the size of a small hickory nut, vary, larger or smaller 
according to need. 



Set the citron in the oven before slicing, until heated through. It 
will then not gum on the knife, but can be sliced with ease and swift- 

For a pleasing change, substitute citron in any recipe calling for 

It is a great improvement to a loaf of plain white cake to add a 
cup of diced and floured citron. 

For the daintiest cake decoration imaginable make stems and leaves 
of citron and use bits of candied cherries for buds and flowers. Cut 
thread-like strips off the outside of the citron its greenest part for the 
long stems which should be artistically arranged on the iced cake. Then 
cut thin oval bits of green citron to simulate leaves, and arrange on 
the stem. Make short stems branching off, to which the flowers may 
be joined. 


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